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Shocking: Kylie Jenner regrets for carrying the baby of Travis Scott instead of her ex Tyga’s

The internet was buzzing for the last seven month’s about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy news! According to some sources, as the delivery date is coming near, she is feeling nervous as she thinks that Travis Scott can’t be a good father! Though Kylie Jenner hasn’t accepted that she is pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby, the whole world is pretty convinced that she is carrying a baby girl. She has been hiding her baby bump throughout her pregnancy. You will see no full picture of her in her Instagram account or Facebook….

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Handwara molestation case: Police Forced the Girl to change the statement

This is the first time through the young lady has turned out in the media since the episode occurred. She claimed that the police continued confining her and assumed her starting with one position then onto the next for a long time. She also went to claim that the cops abused her. In a noteworthy turn in the Handwara attack case, the minor young lady has now claimed that she was sexually struck by an armyman on April 12. She likewise told the media that the police constrained her to…

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Law Student Brutally Raped and Murdered in Kerala

Jisha, Student of Law, 29 , was found dead by her mother Rajeswari on Thursday at her home near Perumbavoor, Kerala on April 28 Jisha was living with her mother who works as for daily wage to meet the livelihood by the side of road. As per the police inquest report iron rod was pushed into the genital parts of Jisha similar to that in case of Delhi rape victim Jyothi. In the inhuman attack during rape Jisha’s nose was separated from body and her intestines were pulled out. Even…

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woman cashier allegedly raped at Infosys campus in Pune

Two Infosys employees were arrested on Tuesday in alleged rape of a woman. According to the police, the woman cashier was allegedly raped by two persons inside the canteen.The victim, who works as a cashier at the Infosys Phase 1 campus canteen, was allegedly raped on December 27 by two housekeepers. An FIR has been lodged against the two and the police is investigating the matter.According to source, one of the two accused had raped the woman in the lavatory while the other made video on mobile.The accused had also…

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