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How To Care For Someone In Quarantine With COVID-19

Caring for someone with Corona virus at home. How to take care the person in quarantine? 4 Easy ways of caring someone in quarantine with COVID-19 at home 1. What they need Someone with Corona virus symptoms needs rest, nutritious food to increase the immunity power and in that vitamin C can helps better, also regularly drink water. As per stats Paracetamol can help lower a fever, but if that not helps and symptoms get worse or don’t go away after a week, then contact your nearest health service. 2.…

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Coronavirus Covid 19 Latest News MEDICAL HEALTH & TALKS​ Wellness World News 

What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus or COVID-19 Symptoms day by day. At first you might think it’s a cold and it could be but covid-19 could escalate. Here’s what you need to know according to the World Health Organization China joint mission on covid-19. As of February 20th, 80% of laboratory confirmed cases were mild to moderate 14% were severe and 6% were critical just to be clear a mild case of covid-19 is not like a mild cold the symptoms will still be pretty severe. Anything less than…

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Donald Trump Marring with X Girlfriend Stormy Daniels

Donald Trump is getting married with his #X_Girlfriend (pornstar) Stormy DanielsYes! American President Donald Trump is getting married again with Stormy Daniels just before the 2020 US election. As per sources, Stormy Daniels confirmed to a NYC Newspaper that Donald Trump proposed and they will get married on Christmas Eve this year, she also said that Trump was not happy with Melania Trump’s attitude. Stay connected with us to know the next latest update from #DonaldTrump’s marriage and from his current wife Melania Trump and his girlfriends. In any case,…

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Catfight in ‘Bigg Boss 13’: Shefali Jariwala slaps Shehnaz Gill during luxury budget task

After the captaincy task gets cancelled by Bigg Boss, it is announced that there is no captain for the following week. This comes after Paras Chhabra had to leave the house for a surgery. Explicit language, extreme egos and explosive rage are nothing new in “Bigg Boss”. This year, however, housemates are engaging in something they never did before.

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