Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

About Us

XReporters was founded in 2012 with the help of a small Facebook page to develop a network of common people, to encourage them for sharing xyz news whichever happening around them, so they can work like X/Hidden/Common/Freelance Reporters which is called “XReporters”. With the help of these XReporters we build the fastest platform to get and publish news with the people over internet.

We give opportunity to everyone to become reporter and get fame by sharing news with us, anyone however having news, he/she just need to share with us to become a XReporter and they also earn points for sharing news with us.

It’s also a platform for people to share problems of their area to get some light and get resolved. XReporters work like a bridge between People and Govt., Govt. and People, People and Police, Police and People.

Anyone can share news with us by SMS / WhatsApp / Miss Call (09136726676) & on our website.