Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Recently, a thousand numbers of Twitter followers were whipped out overnight and the results revealed to the Congress. When the Russian bots started retweeting President Trump for hundreds or even thousands number of times, Twitter was almost locked out. The retweeting continued from 1st September to 15th November of 2016.

Many conservative Twitter users have already lobbed accusations of the left-wing bias against the social media company and also about the censorship. This act specifically happens when more than thousands of numbers of Twitter followers were wiped out within an overnight bot purge. The complete removal or suspension of so many twitter accounts have followed up by a special counsel of the Russian nationals which was only meant to remove all the fake Twitter accounts. This act was conducted by Russia only because of the information warfare against the United States.

Already, on Wednesday, the #TwitterLockOut hash-tagging was trending all over due to the sudden removal of thousands of Twitter accounts including Michael Flynn Jr.’s own accounts. Fox News commentator Dan has already said that this twitter purge is completely real and he has also lost more than 100 numbers of followers, overnight.

Yet, Twitter hasn’t said anything about how many accounts were purged and why. The company has said in a statement that the company has removed those accounts which indicated violations of their security policies. Especially, those who were running multiple accounts were completely removed! Also, the company has denied about the cracking down allegations on conservative voices.

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