Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Are you very much conscious of the interest rate hikes in the US? Many marketers like you are getting nervous because of the global stock market falls. If you are thinking that the marketers in the US must worry then you don’t know the current global stock market position!

Not only in the US, but the stock markets Europe and Asia have also fallen off at the end of last week. This indicates that the global stock markets are in free-fall now! There are certain reasons because of which this has happened:

Why are the global stock markets actually falling?

It’s very much said that when the US starts sneezing, the rest of the world gets a cold. For several weeks, the US marketers are facing stock markets fall. Previously, many economists and analysts have already warned that the inflation levels could increase in major economies this year. Not only developed countries, the developing countries are also facing the same situation. The Official US figures showed average wage rises has already reached 2.9 percentages. Sooner, the prices of groceries and other products would rise further and this will provoke in higher interest rates. This will help to calm the economy of the US down.

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Soon the era of cheap money will end and the consumers and other big companies will not prefer
spending much. Already in several US central banks have raised the interest rates in 2018. This scenario
might continue for next four to five years!

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