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Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley has designed a budget for helping the distressed farmers while boosting the overall growth, job vacancies, and private investment. In this recent budget 2018, India’s farming sectors and many agricultural focused businesses own the race of getting more profits. The farmers and villagers of India emerge as the biggest winners in the Budget of 2018. Do you know who the biggest losers are? Apple, Bond investors, defense sector, cryptocurrency exchanges and financial sector, cryptocurrency trades might just be the biggest losers of all.

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Farm sector and agriculture-based companies for profit:
The new budget shows profits for the farmers by investing a heavy amount of money in the agricultural projects. The government intends to bring more development in the rural areas of the country. So, it’s investing in irrigation projects and various aquaculture projects.

Healthcare in profit for National Health Protection Scheme:
The Indian government’s new National Health Protection Scheme is meant to serve around 500 million people and each person under this skim will get up to 5 Lacks per year.

Long-term capital gains:
According to the government’s budget of 2018, because of the long-term capital gains tax, the stock market investors might face some difficulties. This is not at all good news for the Financial Sector. As the Indian government intends to boost its domestic manufacturing, the new budget might lower
returns for big companies like Apple Inc. This can force the companies to set up local factories.

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