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The Haji Ali Dargah now open for women by verdict of Bombay High Court.

Why is it a ‘terrible sin’ for ladies to be permitted close to the tomb of a male Sufi holy person? Aren’t Sufi bosses destined to ladies?” asks Bibi Khatoon, a pioneer of the association that has been overcoming the tempest against ladies looking for endowments at the fifteenth century dargah of the Sufi holy person, Haji Ali Shah. The Haji Ali Dargah is a dargah (holy place or hospice) as well as a memorable mosque based on an islet off the shoreline of Worli in the southern piece of…

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A Temple Stopped Puja To Give Tribute To A Muslim Boy

A Temple In Kerala Stopped Puja for two Days To Mourn For Muslim Boy who Was beaten To Death On Monday and Tuesday, a famous Shiva temple in Kerala didn’t provide any pujas for the whole 2 days. No one blew the conch or rang the bell. This rare gesture was a tribute that was led by a tragedy. Shiva temple in Kerala stopped their puja rituals for 2 days after a 23-year-old Muslim man, M V Shabeer, was beaten to death. He was a member of the chief committee…

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