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Incoming Republican Congress takes aim at Obama’s health-care act

Members of the one hundred and fifteenth U.S. Congress were sworn in on Tuesday, setting off Associate in Nursing aggressive campaign by Republicans World Health Organization management the House and Senate to dismantle eight years of President Barack Obama’s Democratic policies. The first and largest target is Obama’s signature health-care law, that Republicans have long sought-after to gut and have goddam as a primary cause for a lacklustre economic recovery. Republican legislator electro-acoustic transducer Enzi on Tuesday introduced a resolution giving the repeal of Obamacare, Enzi’s workplace same during a…

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The ultimate luxury, Why 2016 was the year of the colored diamond?

Comparatively small, but unhurriedly and completely shaped over billions of years, the Argyle Violet diamond is so rare in color that it has its own exceptional diamond categorization: “Fancy Deep Grayish Blueish Violet.” Scott West of L.J. West Diamonds Inc, said that a once in a natural life invention. I fell in love with it. We had to have it. West is a diamond searcher, searching for the rarest and most unusually colored stones. His most current achievement, the 2.83-carat oval Argyle Violet is being display as part of “Diamonds:…

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I have four children and a professional, yet I’m cheerful to have no cell phone

I’ve gotten cocked eyebrows, giggles, even wheezes in light of my affirmation that I don’t have — or need — a cell phone. As the mother of four kids and an self-determining author encompass by an overflowing the suburbs of guardian with shiny diplomacy close by, I know how odd it is that I remain solidly detached A long time back, I had a cell phone. I looked over Facebook and Twitter while sitting tight for my children to flee school; I got a minute ago warnings of changes in…

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