COVID-19 pandemic is striking the whole world, and Myanmar is also affected by this pandemic. As the first case of Covid-19 was reported on March 23, and the entire country was forced to be at home. The Government has come up with several notifications and different rules and regulations to be followed during this pandemic. The Government is taking some initial steps by creating a committee and shutting down the offices. The people are forced to work from home so the business in Myanmar don’t affect. The Ministry of Health and Sport has provided various guidelines for the workplace, worksites, factories to break the chain of this dangerous virus.

Work From Home or Remote work is in fashion.

Myanmar government has decided to take some trials in Yangon to check the work from home policies. As looking forward to the increasing numbers of cases and keeping the population safe, the Government ordered to ask the employee to stay at home by the end of this march. Working from home has brought the necessity of internet and speed connectivity at a very rapid pace. All the banks, media, and telecom operators were asked to work from home with having good internet connectivity, which increased the number of internet users from 18 M to 22.2 M, and it went up to 40 M by January 2020.

Social Distancing and Precautions 

In many offices instead of allowing people to work from home, they have made some flexible office spaces, so that few people can come in and work. The Myanmar business would be affected, but they found some really good ways to face this situation by downsizing the office space, or creating the virtual office and reducing the cost. Employees are maintaining the social distancing even though if they are coming to office; they are following the proper routine checks, getting themselves disinfected, creating partitions between the employee sitting arrangement. There were many arrangements made as providing them alternative transport so as to avoid public transport, using proper sanitizers, tissues, spreading awareness though videos, media and many more.

In this time of extreme pressure and this changing lifestyle, the market has been facing some losses and has seen many up-downs in the economy. But as soon as the Government took these safety measures to keep everyone safe and working, it brought some stability in the market. Many new business plans were implemented, new suggestions and ideas were in the mind of business owners. Working from home has brought great relief through which the business can be kept running, and the country can at least have a stable economy.

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