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Buy Smartphone at just Rs 251 Freedom 251

Now everyone can afford a smartphone at Rs. 251, Freedom 251 is made by and Indian company and now it’s become the world cheapest smartphone. If you want to buy this Freedom 251 then you need to be ready tomorrow from 18th February 2016 at 6 am to book the Freedom 251 by visiting Great work done by digital India company “Halwits”. The company also opened 650 service centres in all over India. हिंदी में पढ़े – खरिदे स्मार्टफोन 251 रुपये में, खरिदे फ्रीडम 251 स्मार्टफोन As the Freedom…

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Mankind has left far more things on the moon’s surface than footprints

Some of the items still resting on the moon include more than 70 spacecraft, backpacks, TV cameras, two golf balls, 12 pairs of boots, a golden olive branch replica, and a ton of trash (human waste, used wet wipes, empty food packages, and more). Key Facts: *There is a photograph of astronaut Charles Duke with his wife and kids on the moon. *There is a replica of a gold olive branch on the moon as a symbol for peace among all mankind. *A falcon feather and a hammer were dropped…

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