Thu. Apr 18th, 2024
Showcause Notice Issued to IOA by Sports Ministry

NEW DELHI: Faced with a barrage of criticism, scam polluted Suresh Kalmadi on Wednesday declined the position of the Indian Olympic Association’s life president even as the games service issued a showcause notice to the IOA for its disputable choice.

“I thank the Indian Olympic Association for presenting the respect of Life President on me. In any case, I don’t feel that it would be proper for me to acknowledge this respect as of now,” Kalmadi said in a letter tended to IOA president N Ramachandran.

“I am certain that my name will be cleared and I will concede acknowledgment of the respect till such time,” he added.

Kalmadi alongwith another tainted previous president Abhay Singh Chautala were hoisted to life presidents by the IOA at its Annual General Meeting in Chennai on Tuesday.

The move set off a tempest with the service issuing a showcause notice to the IOA furthermore undermining to extreme ties with the body in the event that it neglected to sack the pair, of which Kalmadi chose to venture back.

“This move is against the constitution of IOA and is not acceptable to the Sports Ministry. I am disappointed by the choice in light of the fact that both are confronting instances of defilement. We want transparency in games. Till the time, these two don’t leave or are sacked, we won’t manage the IOA,” sports serve Vijay Goel told correspondents.

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