Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Begging is not useless work anymore, this news article will tell you why?

Beggars when begging on the roads, people give them some money to beggar as help, but it’s Beggar’s art of convincing you to pay him. Beggar does not stop begging till the time they not earn a satisfactory amount. They uses a kind of management to develop new and innovative ways of begging, which can work successfully on different people to take money from them.

Today we are introducing five richest beggars of India.

1. Massu a.k.a. Malana
Massu begging from mid-sixties, he is a swank beggar. He changes from slick clothes into beggar’s outfit at a film studio, and then he takes an auto-rickshaw for his favourite begging spot. He daily works for 8 hours and takes rickshaw to go back to home. He begs mostly at rich places like high-end restaurants. He owns property worth of 3 million and other savings which he didn’t disclosed.

krishan kumar gita bagger
Krishan Kumar Gita The Beggar

2. Krishna kumar Gita
He is another tremendous young talented beggar, and one of his favourite begging spot is CP Tank near Charni Road in Mumbai. His daily earning is Rs.1500/- . Krishna kumar Gita lives with his brother at Nallasopara in his own flat. His brother handles all money related matters.

sambhaji kale bagger

3. Sambhaji Kale
Sambhaji Kale is third beggar who earns daily Rs. 1000/- lives with his family in Khar region of Mumbai. He owns a flat in Virar and two houses and a piece of land in Solspur. It doesn’t stops here, he had some investment worth thousands and half a million in the bank which he earned from the begging.

4. Sarvatia Devi
Now we are introducing a famous beggar in the country, Sarvatia Devi. She is not only beggar but also a great mother and a smart investor. She owns a house behind Ashok Cinemas in Patna. She is a mother of a daughter, who is married and well settled. She does smart investments and pays Rs.36000 annually as insurance premium. Sarvatia laughed and said “It’s a fun travelling on trains free of cost. I board any train and beg till I reach my destination.”

Bharat Jain Bagger
Bharat Jain The Beggar

5. Bharat Jain
Bharat Jain, he lives in Mumbai with his family. He is a 49-year old man and works in Parel region of Mumbai, he belongs from a entrepreneurial outlook family. His family manage a business of study material and school notebooks. But it doesn’t matter to Bharat Jain, he never listen to his family whenever they asks him to give up begging. Bharat Jain who is passionate about his begging career, he earns per month Rs. 75000 and he also rants out a juice centre on a fixed rental of Rs. 10,000 per month, it works as an added income for him. In Mumbai near to his work place, he owns two apartments of around 7 million values.

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