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US imposes new sanctions on Russia for cyber attacks and interference in elections

The US government sanctions more than twenty people and Russian entities that interfered in the elections through Internet attacks. The Government of the United States imposed sanctions on Russia Thursday for attempting to interfere in the presidential elections of 2016, according to senior officials of the Treasury United States. The US government sanctioned more than twenty people and Russian entities that interfered in the elections through Internet attacks. Specifically, the United States sanctioned five entities and 19 people, blocking access to their properties in the United States. This is the first round of sanctions announced by the United…

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10 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump That You must Know

Businessman, television personality, author, and now the Republican Party nominee for this year’s President of the United States, Donald Trump has managed to astound and astonish the world at large. He is also one of the richest people in the world and is listed in Forbes among the world’s wealthiest 500 billionaires. Watch Now : 

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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid part ways in #heartbreaking split

Zayn Malik, a pop star and Gigi Hadid is an American model, here is the complete latest news with tweets of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid. pic.twitter.com/4st0iU9zHg — zayn (@zaynmalik) March 13, 2018 pic.twitter.com/dEDHlyH8P3 — Gigi Hadid (@GiGiHadid) March 13, 2018 Zayn e Gigi broke up. I’ve lost all faith in keeping celebrity ships. pic.twitter.com/hXORMYSuYl — Victoria (@Victoria93232) March 13, 2018 I refuse to believe this. “Zayn e Gigi” pic.twitter.com/MiSxqGiYsk — #GiForce ♡ (@GHadid_Malik) March 13, 2018 I learned so much with zigi, I will just love and support them from beginning…

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