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You could’ve called it indecent if I posed for Kamasutra kind of shoot – Said Gilu Joseph on her breastfeeding cover row!

Malayalam Actress Gilu Joseph provide an exclusive interview with IBT (International business times), India. This 27 years old actress hit the recent headlines after she posed for a cover of Grihalakshmi magazine while breastfeeding a child. Most of the people debate and this cover photo raked up a controversy over her bold move! There are lots of people who said it “Indecent”. After lots of controversy, the actress spoke about it, and try to defend her by providing lots of information about the breastfeeding and a lot more! Watch Now…

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“Freedom of speech” will be lost in our country now it happen with Ramya.

Performer legislator Ramya (Divya Spandana), who was as of late in Islamabad to go to a SAARC Young Parliamentarians Conference, has raked up a contention for her remarks on Pakistan. She alluded to Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar’s announcement, “When going to Pakistan as hellfire as,” by reacting with “Pakistan is not rebuke country. Individuals there are much the same as us. They treated us exceptionally well.” Not long after a Karnataka-based promoter, K. Vittal Gowda, held up a grievance of subversion against Ramya for her announcement, blaming her for offending…

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