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President Trump become very upset on Sarah Huckabee Sanders about her comment on Stormy Daniels

The press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders the way handled all the question about the porn star Stormy Daniels, President Trump is not happy at all! Thursday Trump was very upset over Sanders’ response to questions about adult film star Stormy Daniels. She said in front of media argues Trump’s failure to sign a non-disclosure legal agreement means she can able to talk about their supposed affair. CNN claim, the POTUS is very unhappy. Yesterday the Sarah provides statement about the stormy Daniels storyline steroids.

During the daily white house briefing, sanders raised her eye brows Wednesday, when she said that trump won a settlement case against Daniels. Sanders also added that the president was addresses these directly and he made very clear that none of these claim are true. Trump has not openly spoken to the alleged illegal dalliance. Sanders also added that case has already won its own arbitration and everything beyond that they would refer people to the presidents outside counsel.

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Trump’s lawyer Mr. Michael Cohen said that there was no affair and he paid to that porn actress $130,000 out of his own pocket during the 2016 election. Sanders also claimed that the “American people were aware of this, voted for the President.” Most of the voters may have been conscious of sexual assault allegations made against Trump, but did not know about the quiet money paid 11 days ahead of the election.



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