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You could’ve called it indecent if I posed for Kamasutra kind of shoot – Said Gilu Joseph on her breastfeeding cover row!

Malayalam Actress Gilu Joseph provide an exclusive interview with IBT (International business times), India. This 27 years old actress hit the recent headlines after she posed for a cover of Grihalakshmi magazine while breastfeeding a child. Most of the people debate and this cover photo raked up a controversy over her bold move! There are lots of people who said it “Indecent”. After lots of controversy, the actress spoke about it, and try to defend her by providing lots of information about the breastfeeding and a lot more!

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She not only responds to all the unkind comments but also cleared about the doubt and misconceptions that are are thinking about her. IBT asked her how she feels when she heard about this photo shoot! She said she is an actress and it’s her passion. They just approach her for their breastfeeding campaign and she said yes! She claims she did not make any mistakes or wrong move! The IBT also asked how she feels when she has seen some nasty comments! She said she is the same person as before. She added, she never changed after this photo shoot.


She said, the main purpose of this photo shoot is, to aware mothers about the breast feed, so that they can feed their child anytime whenever child needs. The main purpose is to normalize the breast feeding and for this that photo shoots happen. So, it’s not any bad issue and this happen for good reason the actress said.



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