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Search Engine Giant Google finally releases information about the 2.4 million ‘right to be forgotten’ requests

Recently, the search engine giant and tech titan, Google has revealed its latest transparency report and this report actually reveals all the takedown pleas. Google has been receiving the takedown pleas since 2014. Finally, in 2018, Google has revealed the transparency report.

Since 2014, Google has received all total of 2.4 million ‘right to be forgotten’ requests till now. According to Google, most of the ‘right to be forgotten’ requests have come from the private individuals.

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The right to be forgotten law was passed in the year of 2014 and because of this; the search engine giant removed all personal information from its search engine upon request since then. In the report, Google has revealed that it has complied with almost 43.3 percent of all the ‘right to be forgotten’ requests that it has received since 2014. In Google’s latest transparency report, Google has clearly mentioned the full details about the nature of those full takedown please.

According to this report, France, Germany and the UK have generated almost 51 percent of all the requests for URL delisting appeals. Most of the requests actually came up from the private individuals which are almost around 89 percent. Other non-government individuals and celebrities have submitted around 41,213 of the URLs while the government officials and politicians have submitted around 33,937 requests. Surprisingly, Google has compiled only half of the total takedown pleas that it has received since 2014.


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