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Saudi Arabia is now strengthening its military forces after discovering its weaknesses by the war in Yemen

Recently, Saudi Arabia has finally replaced its military leadership after many years. Not only this, Saudi Arabia has opened military jobs for women for the very first time! A woman has also been promoted to a top post at the Labor Ministry which is inspiring and surprising. This is extremely unexpected from an ultraconservative kingdom like Saudi Arabia. The son of Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud named Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has taken this step to overhaul the entire country’s institutions. Though, no explanation was given…

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According to the US cyber chief, he didn’t receive any command from Donald Trump to confront Russian cyber threat

Recently, the US Cyber Command chief named Adm. Mike Rogers has commanded the lawmakers on this Tuesday that yet he has not received any granted authority by the US President, Donald Trump. According to him, he needs a legal authority from the president to disrupt the Russian election for hacking all the operations where they actually originate. The question was asked by the Democratic Sen. Jack Reed that whether he has been directed by the US President to do so or not. Through the defense secretary, we can to know…

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Shocking News: Our “Chandni” is no more! Find out some funeral news updates about Sridevi’s Sudden Death

On 24th February, famous Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away due to cardiac attack in Dubai. She was in Dubai to attend a marriage ceremony with her entire family. All of a sudden, everything put to an end as our “Chandni” passed away. Here are some highlights that have come across via updates from the ongoing police investigating: First, it was said that Sridevi died due to a sudden cardiac attack. But, her autopsy report is saying something a completely different story. The presence of alcohol in her blood and death due…

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