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Who is delaying discussion! Why Modi escaped from Rajya Sabha!

PM Narendra Modi has required a cabinet meeting on Thursday evening hours after Rajya Sabha was dismissed for the day taking after turmoil by the Opposition over demonetization. The Opposition has been ready to fight over the Prime Minister’s nonappearance from the Parliament and requested he should take an interest in the open deliberation. Ghulam Nabi Azad, the leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, hosted said his party won’t permit the House to work if the Prime Minister skirted the talk. Responding to Opposition’s stubborn take steps to disturb Parliament procedures since the previous few days, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said they are imagining explanations behind fleeing from open deliberation, including that the Opposition is not excited about debating the issue. His remark set off a commotion in the House and Opposition MPs started to serenade: “Pradhan Mantri bhagh gaya”.

Jaitley likewise countered previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s announcement in the Rajya Sabha on demonetization that named the Center’s turn to scrap old high group notes as an “amazing mismanagement “. He said the move will have positive effect in medium and long term. Talking in the Rajya Sabha today, Manmohan Singh had encouraged PM Modi to discover “even minded ways” to lighten the sufferings of the general population.



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