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“Ghayal Once Again” Review and Rating

“Ghayal Once Again” Review and Rating with Twitter comments

After “Ghayal” in 1990 Sunny Deol become the superstar and now with the new release of “Ghayal Once Again” he again become the superstar with his thrilling action and tremendous acting.

With user review and rating, we gives “Ghayal Once Again” 4/5 rating.

“Ghayal Once Again” is a thrilling action dram of four innocent teenagers, they face the anger of one of the most powerful man of the nation’s, when they raise their opinions about him. He begins to threaten them to destroy their lives and started to harass them in all the possible ways. Only one man is there who can help them – Ajay Mehra (Performing by Sunny Deol) comes to help them and rescue their life’s to face the bad man the enemy bravely.

Without Sunny the movie wouldn’t be possible. “Ghayal Once Again” lead role by Sunny Deol, Directed by Sunny Deol, and Written by Sunny Deol.

Read the direct user comments to understand what people thing about “Ghayal Once Again” Here are a few users tweet continuously coming on twitter at #GhayalOnceAgain

“@IAMSUNNYDEOL nvr enjoyd any movie like #GhayalOnceAgain I nvr dis much! Believe me its beyond d limits of suspense thriller. Ajay Mehra :*”

“Wao….Sir, I watched it evening show. ….really a fantastic mind blowing movie…… Superb…. Wakai sir maza aa gya….”
“@IAMSUNNYDEOL #GhayalOnceAgain packs a punch.. N yes u r back”
“@IAMSUNNYDEOL Good luck for “Ghayal Returns”An action thriller made and acted by the original action star/actor. Go for it!?”
“#GhayalOnceAgain will show you how much you can go against law & order to deliver justice to common man with PATRIOTIC SUNNY DEOL”
“.@IAMSUNNYDEOL is an unstoppable force of nature in #GhayalOnceAgain.”
“Watched #GhayalOnceAgain PAAJI back with Bang. Completely fresh and fast story. Not a single dull point. Hats off u. @IAMSUNNYDEOL”
“@IAMSUNNYDEOL Me INDIAN HU INDIAN SAID paaji in INDIAN & in #GhayalOnceAgain Paaji sach ka saath de he that why we say PATRIOTIC SUNNY DEOL”
“#GhayalOnceAgain is extremely positive. Dialogues & @IAMSUNNYDEOL acting is brilliant. Overall awesome response..”

Watch out the video review of Ghayal Once Again…



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