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A Muslim lady was ejected from Donald Trump rally in South Carolina

A U.S. Muslim lady was removed from a Donald Trump rally in South Carolina whereas partaking in a

silent protest same on Saturday she needed to create the Republican presidential candidate’s backers

acknowledge they are supporting “hateful rhetoric.”

Rose Hamid, a 56-year-old flight attendant , stood up silently within the stands directly behind Trump

throughout Fri night’s rally once the billionaire businessman on urged that refugees fleeing violence in

Syria were attached with Islamic State militants.

“I get why he is popular: he is an entertainer, he is partaking, there are definitely aspects that

attractiveness to bound elements of society. He even has valid points in some cases,” Hamid same in a

interview with Reuters from her home in Charlotte.

“But they need to acknowledge what they are supporting,” Hamid same, relating Trump’s supporters.

“His ramping of his hateful rhetoric is simply not what America is, and it isn’t who we are as a country.”

At the rally, Hamid was sporting a white head scarf and a blue T-shirt created by her son emblazoned

with the words, “Salam, I are available in peace.”

Hamid, known as herself a registered Democrat, same she came to the rally as a result of she needed

some Trump supporters to satisfy a Muslim in world. Hamid same she told herself she would rise quietly

if Trump same something hateful regarding any cluster, not simply Muslims.

As she stood, folks within the crowd round her at the rally in Rock Hill, started yelling “Trump! Trump!”

as organizers earlier had tutored them to try and do. shortly later on, security officers showed up at her

seat and, with very little clarification, told her and a friend they have to go away from the premises, she


“They did not even tell America we tend to were inflicting a disturbance,” she said. “They said, ‘Come

with me.’ I was asking, ‘Why?’ and they just said, Come with me.

Hamid said she was later told she was trespassing at a private event.



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