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Protein is a #macronutrient essential for building #muscle mass, but also for the proper #body function. There are different types of protein and whey protein is the most #famous and widely used. It makes up 20% of milk protein, and the reason why everyone uses it is simple – it digests quickly, meaning it can reach your muscles in a short period of time.

Therefore, whey protein is usually used as a pre-#workout #meal (a meal that you eat immediately after the workout) as it helps regenerate #muscles and promotes muscle #growth.

Whey protein consists of amino acids that reach our #bloodstream within 90 minutes and start the muscle-protein synthesis for instigating muscle growth. It is also the richest source of #BCAAs (branched #amino #acids), which we’ll discuss as well.

For all these reasons, whey protein should be the number one choice for all gym beginners.

#Dosage: Take about 20 grams when you wake up, 20 grams within 30 minutes of your workout and 30 minutes after the #workout (the most important part).

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