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Deputation makes a journey to Pyongyang with the intention to reduce nuclear weapon foreland nurture US talks

A high-designation South Korean deputation has reached in the capital of South Korea for the notable discussion to diminish nuclear worries and asphalt the path for US talks.

Before leaving the capital, Chung Eui-young (leading the 10 forceful deputations and the chief of the presidential national security office) reported that the intension was to ban the nuclear weapon.

According to a press report: “Most of all, I will deliver President Moon Jae-in’s sincere and firm resolution to maintain the dialogue and improvement in relations between the South and the North, which were fostered on the occasion of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, to denuclearise the Korean Peninsula.”

Chung topped, he diagramed to discuss the issue in-depth to continue between not only the South and the North, but also for the North and US.

According to Yonhap news agency report, Kim Jong the president of North Korea arranged a dinner after arriving in Pyongyang.

This kind of trip was the first time since the liberal-leaning Moon promised as the South Korean president previous year.

Last year was very hectic in case of nuclear weapon test and its launch of intercontinental ballistic with the capacity to reach the US mainland. Answering this Donald Trump said if it happens then North Korea will be destroyed.

However, the North and South Korea decided to participate the winter Olympic marching together in the ceremony. Kim Yo-jong met Moon these days and invited to visit her place for the discussion.

Moon assured that he can accept the invitation if everything goes right.

The deputation team is ready to leave on Tuesday. Chung and the national intelligence Chief Suh Hoon agreed to visit US for any disclosure to US officials.

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The white house has promised previously to take care of the pressure on the North while waiting to experience whether the inclination to discuss represents “the very first steps along with the path to reducing nuclear weapon”.

On the weekend the official media of North Korea stipulate that they minded having a talk with the US “on an equal footing”

Another US confederate Japan seems worried about the North’s weapon program, doubts whether the dialogue can make anything positive or not.

The Japanese government asked to continue the “maximum pressure” campaign and no negligence on denuclearization.

“It is extremely important to call on North Korea to commit to abandoning its nuclear and missile programs in complete, verifiable and irreversible ways and taking concrete steps toward that goal,” said Yoshihide Suga, the chief cabinet secretary.


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