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China assure ‘necessary response’ to US tariffs as business or trade war fears raise

After Beijing’s foreign minister said, it would create a “necessary response” in the event of Donald Trump beginning punitive tariffs on aluminum and steel imports, the prospect of a business war between United States and the China has increased. The US president was estimated to support the 10% on aluminum and 25% levy on steel imports this week, perhaps as early as Thursday. He says they are desirable to oppose overseas operators, particularly from China, who are destroying American jobs and undercutting US companies. On Thursday, a possible 30 days…

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America Cover Stories Donald Trump News Elections Global Election News Global Environmental News Latest News Politics Popular Story Public Emotions Top News World News 

Communications director of White House & one of President Donald Trump’s most trusted aides Hope Hicks resigns!

Recently, the communication director of White House, Hope Kicks resigns from her post. Hope Kicks is a former model and one of the most trusted aides of the US president, Mr. Donald Trump. She was also one of the longest-serving aides who has been working for really a long time. All of a sudden, Hope Hicks announced her resigning abruptly on the last Wednesday. Her sudden resigning has been leaving a void around. She actually used to value loyalty and affirmation. This news actually came up as a surprise and…

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