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MotoGP Qatar 2018: we analyze the GP

Everyone said that the first Grand Prix of 2018 would be very open, but everyone added that Andrea
Dovizioso and Marc Márquez were the best candidates for victory. They were not wrong. In Moto3 we had a Spanish duel with a final double, and in Moto2 it was between two Italians.

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The analysis of the maximum speed figures in Lucille, one kilometer away, tells us much about the manufacturers with the strongest engines.

MotoGP was logically the strongest and most awaited dish after the 2017 duel between Márquez and Dovizioso, Honda and Ducati. Italian bikes are always favorites in the Qatari track, and the Honda has never stood out much here. The Yamaha, who also have a record of victories in this circuit, did not seem to arrive in their best form despite the spectacular pole obtained by its satellite pilot Johann Zarco, with record included (record that was still in possession of Jorge Lorenzo and Yamaha, precisely). The equality that pre-season training showed was confirmed during the test sessions, with few differences and the return of Suzuki to positions among the top ten.

Is the maximum speed important in MotoGP? Yes and no. The legendary captain Jeremy Burgess – the man who led Mick Duhan and Valentino Rossi to more than a dozen top-level titles – is proud to say that the top speed is not important, because you only use it once on the lap. What JB meant was that a friendly engine that would allow the passenger to get energy early and harder than any angle would have a better time than a strong, hard-to- handle engine. JB was right, of course

There is also an additional benefit, because overtaking in a straight line, or at least getting a competitor side, allows you to tighten your tires



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