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According to the watchdog group, corruption is a global problem and many countries are still moving slowly against corruption

Corruption is a serious global problem that the majority of countries are dealing with. But, according to a watchdog group, many countries are not taking serious actions against stopping corruption and they are running too slow against corruption. On Wednesday, the watchdog group concluded that minimal efforts can’t stop corruption from a country.

Recently, the 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index was revealed by the Transparency International which actually showed some disturbing information. The Berlin-based organization said that the efforts made by the major countries are not enough to stop or remove corruption. While stopping corruption is a time taking action, six long years have already wasted away because of the minimal efforts put by the countries.

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According to Transparency ranks, Canada is the 8th-best country, fighting corruption with the Britain, Netherlands, and Luxembourg by getting a score of 82. With consecutive scores of 89 and 88, New Zealand and Denmark has topped the annual ranking list. The most improved country in the last six years is by raising its previous scores by eight points!

With an average score of 66, Western Europe is the best performing region and with an average score of 32, Sub-Saharan Africa is the worst performing region among all. Shockingly, the Eastern Europe region and the Central Asia region got such a low score of 34. In the end, the global average was around 43 which mean that most of the countries are not doing enough to fight corruption!


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