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Donald Trump And Hope Hicks Getting Married!?

Hope Hicks, at the apex, sparks the rumors about the ongoing romance among workers in Trump’s White House

The US president, Donald Trump‘s White House has been already plagued by several rumors of the ongoing romantic relationships between its workers. Recently, the communications director of Donald Trump, Hope Hicks has sparked all the rumors of dating his co-staff secretary Rob Porter. When he was spotted at the apex, the rumors are buzzing even more!

Hope Hicks and Rob Porter are not the only rumored couples who work in the White House! There are also other suspicious relationships which are associated with the Trump’s White House. As America has already undergone a national discussion about putting a strict line between the ongoing romances in the workplace, the US President’s White House has been plagued by many serious reports regarding the relationships between the staffs.


Now, the White House’s communications director, Hope Hicks is alleged of dating one White House staff secretary named Rob Porter. The Daily Mail has reported about this fact when the two were seen having dinner at the apex. Several people have already confirmed the news that they are dating.

Porter has already resigned from his post on Wednesday without denying any specific acts. While, Hope Hicks tried to help the White House chief of staff, John Kelly in the support of Porter on Tuesday. This is one story. But, previous many other workers of White House were also alleged of dating each other! Now, we need to wait for the next proof about all these rumors.

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