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Movement of Zach Horvath encourages people to embrace life, connect with others

Zach Horvath dangles over a 15-foot ledge at the Hope out-of-doors Gallery on Baylor road, wrangling a rounded piece of paper the size of a truck tire that’s slathered in wallpaper attach

A little minutes and some tricky manoeuvring later, he’s smooth out his latest reminder to the people of Austin to “Live a Great Story.”

Comparable reminders have popped up all in excess of the city. They cling to bridge pilings, adorn battered buildings and stick to walls in seemingly inaccessible spots. Horvath hope they spur passersby to embrace life and connect with other people.

“It’s a minor course alteration to persons,” Horvath says. “It’s a average to spark discussion, and it indeed fetches societies together. It’s type of a swell effect.”

Horvath, 26, matured up in Austin. subsequent to graduating from high school, during which he started a little T-shirt print business, he attended Austin association College for a year, then quit to trip the world. In 2012, he visited 17 European countries in seven months. Those travels, he says, motivated him to take-off the Live a Great Story movement.

I liked snooping to other people’s stories. I liked to sit across the table and drink coffee and listen — that was communicable force to me and it was appealing to identify that even though we are all diverse, we are all truly just people at the same time. We need to remember we’re all in it together.”

Especially now, he say, at a time of such political divisiveness in our country.

A saying Horvath read in Donald Miller’s book, “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years,” cemented the idea. There is a line in that book says that once you start living your life story, you can’t go back.

The movement begin with a few messages strategically placed around town. “If your life was a manuscript, would everyone read it?” and “Do you have campfire stories?” acted first. But the “Live a Great Story” tag stuck. People started taking cinema next to the reminders. The hashtag #liveagreatstory burbled up physically, and a whole movement arrived.

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