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PM Narendra Modi Took Crores of Money From Sahara in 2013 – Rahul Gandhi

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi went up against Narendra Modi at the prime minister’s home turf in Mehsana, Gujarat, blaming Modi for having taken cash from the Sahara combination. He likewise blamed Modi for being against the legit individuals of India, saying the demonetization practice won’t seize the degenerate individuals or the black money hoarders.

A couple days back, Rahul had affirmed, “Modi is very scared because I have individual data on the head prime minister.” On Wednesday, he followed up that by saying Modi got cash from Sahara back when he was chief minister of Gujarat.

The Income Tax Department had assaulted Sahara Company on 22 November, 2014. Rahul said according to the records, Rs 2.5 crore was given to Modi on 30 Oct, 2013; Rs 5 crore on 12 Nov, 20113; Rs 2.5 crore on 27 Nov, 2013; Rs 5 crore on 29 Nov, 2013. He included that passages demonstrated Rs 5 crore given to the head administrator on 6 Dec, 2013; Rs 5 crore on 19 Dec, 2013; Rs 5 crore on 13 Jan, 2014; Rs 5 crore on 28 Jan, 2014, and Rs 5 crore 22 February, 2014.

Additionally, according to archives with I-T office, the Birla gather likewise paid Rs 12 crore to Modi when he was the Gujarat boss pastor.

The Congress VP said Modi has partitioned the nation into two sections: 1 percent including the rich, and the 99 percent populace of workers, farmers, little time traders and the white collar class Indians. He charged that due to Modi’s arrangements, the 1 percent populace has amassed 60 percent of the nation’s well off, while the 99 percent of the number of population in workers, farmers, little time dealers and the white collar class Indians were troubled with demonetization.

“All money is not black, all black money is not in cash,” Rahul told the pack in Mehsana, utilizing a line he had last said at his Madgaon rally on Saturday. Black money is not with the 99 percent, but rather is being stored by the 50 rich families fraternizing with Modi, he said.



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