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Google Fiber freezes expansion and cuts 9% of employees

Google reported Tuesday that it was cold any arrangements to venture into eight “potential urban communities,” with the other metropolitan zones on the rundown being Jacksonville, Florida; Oklahoma City; Portland, Oregon; Tampa, Florida; and Phoenix.

Not just that, Craig Barratt, CEO of Google Access, is venturing down.
“We’re ever appreciative to these urban communities for their progressing organization and persistence, and we’re sure we’ll have a chance to continue our association examinations once we’ve propelled our advancements and arrangements,”  said of Craig Barratt the stop in a blog entry.
Letter set is additionally cutting 9 percent of the Google Fiber staff, a “man acquainted with the circumstance” told Bloomberg.

It’s a hit to link endorsers who cheered five years back when Google reported it was conveying broadband to Kansas City that was 100 times quicker than the normal web association.
It extended to eight different urban communities, including Atlanta and Provo, Utah. Be that as it may, building broadband framework is a costly, tedious process, with Google convincing neighborhood governments to give it a chance to kick things off.
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Formally, Google’s parent organization, Alphabet isn’t forever slaughtering arrangements to extend Fiber. Be that as it may, it’s not a decent sign.

As indicated by a source who conversed with Business Insider, the organization is stopping Google Fiber extension since Access needs to concentrate on remote web access.

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