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Champions get their crown – UEFA Euro championship 2016

-Tanvi Jajoria

UEFA Euro Cup 2016, final came out to be one of the most breathtaking ones. Portugal won the tournament against France, the scoreboard reading 1-0.

The match was won in a very unexpected and astonishing way by the substitute Éder, who hit the only and the winning goal for Portugal in the extra time.

Cristiano Ronaldo got injured in his knee in the first half of the match due to which he could not continue on the field. It was a dreadful sight for his fans to see him in tears, but then his tears of pain and sadness turned to tears of joy when Éder hit the winning goal.
It was not an ordinary victory for Cristiano Ronaldo. He has won almost everything for his clubs, but he had never won anything for his nation, Portugal.

He says, ” I always say I win everything in terms of clubs, then as individuals, but I always say I never win for Portugal. But, I win tonight. I’m so happy. It’s a moment i cannot describe. ”
After getting injured in the knee which was not repairable at the moment, Ronaldo tried twice to continue, buf couldn’t. On this Pepe said, ” I tried to tell my teammates that we have to win it for him, that we were going to win it for him, that we were going to fight for him.” And they did it.Cheers to the whole team for such a tremendous team work.

Treat for the CR7 fans, had it been a greater treat if he could be there on the field till the end. But, he’s still a legend and will always be and Portugal- The Champions!



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