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A historic day for India’s space programme. 125 crore Indians got a Navic.

ISRO: Indian Space Agency Launches 7th Satellite to finish Country’s global Positioning System

The Indian Space Research Organisation deployed its final IRNSS-1G satellite Thursday to complete India’s first GPS network. Accuracy is anticipated to be 20 meters or better in the space, Moments after the successful launch, the Prime Minister congratulated and addressed the scientists at ISRO in Sriharikota, through video-conferencing

He said Indian scientists have achieved a lot in space science, which has the capacity to transform the lives of the people.
hhngFree SEO““With this successful launch, we will determine our own paths powered by our technology. This is a great gift to people from scientists,” the Prime Minister said, adding that these efforts will not only help India, but can help fellow SAARC nations as well.”

He declared that this navigation system will be known as NAVIC – “Navigation with Indian Constellation.” He described this as an example of “Make in India,” and “Made for Indians.”

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