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You Are Being Monitored

By – Neelam Kankheria

Did the heading make you think twice before reading this post? In that case, I have your attention and I am grinning from ear to ear. Not because you are being monitored but because I have your attention. People do all sorts of things to get attention – Take an example “online e-commerce websites offers ludicrous discounts, terrorist bomb cities, and airport, young teenage dress shit and behaves insanely to look cool.” Grrrrr why am I talking crap about wanting your attention? This post is about “you are being monitored”.

Seriously, Don’t you feel that you are being monitored? In today’s digital world we do not have time to look up from our shiny gadgets. All these gadgets where we spent time either face booking, browsing websites or doing our work is being tracked by marketing and advertising company and geeks.

What do you think Facebook is doing with the amount of time you spent on the website? What do you think Twitter, Google, MSN and all other website are doing with the browsing history of yours? They are not the saint, they are big multinational companies. How do these companies run? Not via any angel investor but because of your data. They monitor all your browsing, likes and dislikes etc., and show you relevant advertisement and this module is call CPM in technical language.
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These days all these e-companies be it social networking or e-commerce websites or free email company, all of them track all your browsing history. They are trespassing your privacy with your consent. Yea with your consent and now you will say when did I give them consent. Well, the answer is when you signed up for their services by clicking the button called “I Agree”. Don’t you feel dumb enough for not reading the lengthy terms & condition before you sign up? Hahaha, I have smug in my face looking your state right now.

You might be thinking “ok Saint enough of your crap shit, tell us the solution”. There is not much of solution thou but what you can do is download TOR browser and then start using TOR browser for jerking around over the internet. TOR browser helps you protect your identity by bouncing via multiple servers over the internet so that your ISP can’t store your browsing history and sell that to a high bidding advertiser for profit. HAPPY JERKING AROUND INTERNET WITH YOUR SHINY FLASHY GADGETS WHICH YOU PROBABLY BOUGHT FROM SOME E-COMMERCE WEBSITE DURING SALE.

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