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65 Year old man married with a 12 year old girl in USA

People reaction on a 12 year girl child marriage with 65 year old man.

A 65 year old with his 12 year old bride posing for their wedding photos at Times Square. The old man holding the hand of child girl bride and she was blankly looking at the floor, at the same time one passing person asked to the girl child that “Where is your mom?” but she did not answered the question, but the old man quickly responded that “She is in the house.”

The passing person said that the girl is too young, the old mail said “yes! She is young but her parents given me the permission.” Other passing people said “this is totally bullshit and crap thing, this is not right, you are a fucking sick mind.”

The wedding was not real and it all was just an act prepared by that old groom and young girl bride to highlight the prevalence of child marriage, so their act can make the change.

The UN population data projected 1.2 billion girls will be enforced to have child marriage by 2050, In countries like UK, young girls gets married with older men without the awareness of schools or authorities.




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