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JNU Controversy – Where are we heading?

JNU Controversy - Where are we headingBy: Satyam Vashishtha

A few days back some anti-national students group at JNU organised the event to celebrate Abzal Guru’s death anniversary as martyrdom. The worst thing happen when some extreme anti-national students chanted the slogan like “India Ki Barbadi Tak Jung Rahegi Jung Rahegi” “Pakistan Zindabaad, “Hindustan Murdabaad” etc which is highly condemn-able. As an Indian we have the democratic right, freedom of speech and Freedom Of Expression but there are limitations which we should never forget. Our constitution of course gives us right but we should not insult our constitution and mother land by uttering such rubbish anti- national slogans.

The proper investigation punishment must be given to those who are involved in this activity, the law should not do any compromise with them but there should not be punishment for innocents, I mean to say innocent are those who are not at all involved in the activity but getting punished in term of their studies are being soiled, some people are being know as anti-nationals and taunted by some of so called nationalist because they belnog to JNU. Though the incident happened at JNU campus doesn’t mean every JNU student is anti-national.

JNUSU President is been arrested following the sedition case file against him under IPC 124(A), law must take it own course and give a proper judgement and punishment if he is found guilty but those who are running away and are the real culprits must be caught anyhow. The police must use all the sources to identify the bunch of guns and find them out from the hole hey are hiding their selves.

Now, coming to the post controversy affect: on Monday the sedition case against JNUSU Kanahaiya Kumar took place but the major highlight of the place was the attack on journalists. The biggest question is that, “is it really the right way to show our nationalism/patriotism”? what was the need to attack the media persons? Were they (Media persons) also shouting anti-India slogan in the court premises or they supporting the anti-nationalists. If no then why some people in black coat took law in their hands and attacked media persons. The police and centre govt must intervene this issue and punish them as well. This is not anti-national act but of course anti-human.

A journalist who sported a beard was called a traitor and his ID dismissed as fake by the assailants; I was told that I looked like a JNU student and was abused harshly for looking at my attackers in the eye. Are all who sport beard become anti-national? This the big question that where are we heading towards?

The frenzied lawyers threatened to teach us, “deshdrohi (traitorous) journalists”, a lesson. “Bone bhi todenge aur phone bhi todenge,

Other part of Patiala house incident is BJP MLA OP Sharma was leading this shameful attack, if someone is so nationalist and care about our mother land they should fight the real terrorist rather than attacking on Media Person and “innocent students”

A video is attached here which can show how and what is going on:

If this is how we will keep acting, then of course we are heading towards wrong direction.



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