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Dal Lake – Srinagar

The Dal Lake which has the length of 8 Km long and a width of 4 Km, spreads over a sum of 26 Sq. Km. The entrancing Dal Lake is partitioned into two littler ones the Lokut (little) and Bod (enormous) Dal. The south western part of the lake has a greatest profundity of around 12 M. the Dal Lake gets some of its water from spring but on the other hand is supplemented by water from the mountain lake, Mar Sar.

In the western part of the Lake one can see a couple of islands, some greater, some littler. Its shores are exceptionally ripe and encompassed by willows.

Potato, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber, radish and heaps of different vegetables are developed here development of the coasting gardens which likewise lie in this part of the lake is another fascinating element. These greenery enclosures comprise of reed piles of various lengths and a width of around one and a half by three meters and are secured by 1020 CM thick layer of earth and mud. Vegetables and melons are developed on these fake gliding islands.



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