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Jama Masjid

The Jama Masjid also called Jame Mosque, Jami Masjid, Jameh Mosque, Jamia Masjid or Jomeh Mosque.
Jama Masjid area in the Walled City, at this time, is warming up to the long evening ahead. Mainly, it is the Urdu Bazaar facing Gate No 1 of the Masjid and a side street called Matia Mahal where the activity concentrates. Although most publishers and calligraphers of the Urdu Bazaar have shut shops, myriad makeshift eateries have switched on large 300 watt bulbs to illuminate their wares.

Jama Masjid refers to the main mosque of a town, city or village, and is usually the place of gathering for Eid prayers and Friday prayers. These are sometimes called Congregational mosques or Friday mosques. Many places come to be known as a Jama Masjid as a proper name. These structures are listed below.



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