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A Temple Stopped Puja To Give Tribute To A Muslim Boy

A Temple In Kerala Stopped Puja for two Days To Mourn For Muslim Boy who Was beaten To Death

On Monday and Tuesday, a famous Shiva temple in Kerala didn’t provide any pujas for the whole 2 days. No one blew the conch or rang the bell. This rare gesture was a tribute that was led by a tragedy.

Shiva temple in Kerala stopped their puja rituals for 2 days after a 23-year-old Muslim man, M V Shabeer, was beaten to death. He was a member of the chief committee that organises the annual festival at the Shiva temple at Puthennada near Attingal in Thiruvananthapuram district.

The incident was captured by AN witness in a video clip and it went viral.

Police says that Shabeer was beaten to death by four men. They had a dispute with him relating to an elephant running amok during the festival last year.

For two days when Shabeer’s death, the temple completely stopped all rituals except the morning darshans.

N Unni, a member of the executive committee for the temple festival said, “It was a friendship beyond religion, we never considered Shabeer as a Muslim in the temple committee. Shabeer was the most active member of our committee. This time, I had gone out solely for a day to collect provisions from houses for the annadanam (offering of food). But Shabeer was out collecting rice and coconuts for a whole week.”

The temple has also decided to abandon the “annadanam” and the traditional procession for the 10-day festival starting February.

Shabeer had a mother and two younger brothers (both students) in his family and he was struggling to provide for them since his father abandoned years ago. He gave up his degree to work as a construction worker.

He didn’t face any problem at his mosque for being associated with the festival.



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