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“Dansh” the novel of romance plus suspense story

“Dansh” is based on motivational and positive social events of society, written by the great author and novelist Laxman Rao (A well-known Tea Seller of Delhi, India)

Dansh has the romance plus suspense story line, which based on motivational social events of the society. It’s the 12th Novel written by novelist Laxman Rao We rate the novel “Dansh” the best novel of the month and recommends it for readers.

Here is a small synopsis of the novel Dansh.

Paramjeet comes to Pune to complete his higher education, all the way from Punjab. Here in Pune he meets Lata, who also belongs from Punjab. Nandini, the younger sister of Lata, is partially paralyzed and needs to regularly visit the therapy centre. Lata Madam requests Paramjeet to accompany Nandini to the therapy centre. When Paramjeet begins to take Nandini to therapy centre, she asks the taxi driver to stop in front of a house and looked towards that house for bit long time, she laughed, cried and sometimes went emotional. Then she also stops by in front of a ruined house based a little far from the previous house and reacted the same way. This was continued for several days. Gradually Paramjeet understood that there must be a tragic incidence in Nandini’s life due to that Nandini is suffering from paralysis today. That event must be the major blow of Nandini’s life. Hence, Paramjeet thought to explore that what has happened in the past live of Nandini’s, and he will help Nandini to overcome her weakness.

Happy reading the novel Dansh….



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