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Woman dies while trying to get down from a Moving Train

At Borivali station in Mumbai, few passengers were trying to get down from a moving train and had a massive death accident.

From the moving train, one woman get down and hardly manages to balance herself but the 2nd woman dies while trying to get down from the train.

Borivali railway station in Mumbai, the 2nd woman who lost her life on 15th January after falling off from a running train between platform and train, while getting down she failed to balance herself on the floor and not left the train handle because of that train dragged her between the train platform, a man tried to pull her up to save but he also failed and she lost her life.

Please be careful with your life and follow the rules, because if you lose your live you will be never alive, so never attempt or try this kind of foolish way to get down from moving train or bus and also stop others from doing this while traveling.

Please share and aware your loved ones to save their lives.



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