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Amitabh Bachchan And Priyanka Chopra are the new brand ambassador for Incredible India.

By: Satyam Vashishtha

After about a month of speculation, Mega Start Amitabh Bachchan and Quantico( A Hollywood Series) Priyanka Chopra have been chosen as the brand ambassadors for the government’s ‘Incredible India’ campaign.

The selection of new faces follows the government’s decision to discontinue the contract of Amir Khan, who has given heat to the raising intolerance in the country and angered the BJP government and it’s followers.

Amir has promoted the campaign for a decade.

Khan had late last year stirred a controversy after he expressed “alarm and despondency” over rising instances of intolerance in the country in the past few months and said that his wife (Kiran Rao) even asked if they should move out of India as she feared for the safety of their children.

Defending Khan’s exit from the campaign, senior bureaucrat Amitabh Kant had said the actor, by terming India an ‘intolerant country’, worked against his role as that of a brand ambassador.

“A brand ambassador promotes a brand. People will come to India and tourist flow will increase only if the brand ambassador of ‘Incredible India’ promotes the country as ‘incredible’,” Kant, who is a secretary at the department of industrial policy and promotion, had said.

“But if the brand ambassador says India is intolerant, he surely is not working as brand ambassador,” Kant said.

Congratulations to the new faces.. Jai ho ” Incredible India!”



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