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Arvind Kejriwal activates the election run for Punjab

Punjab election campaign for the 2017 state election is now begins by Arvind Kejriwal, he wore a yellow turban and asked Punjab to break Delhi’s record by voting AAP in power.

He followed the same way of making promises like his last election. To Punjab he promised after firming government in Punjab will give one crore to each families of security personnel martyred in the terror attack of the Pathankot air base.

Arvind Kejriwal said that I am here to shake the traditional dynamics of Punjab politics and Punjab is my next stop to fight election after Delhi. He said all parties like BJP, Congress, even AkaliDal will see the defeat and it will be a complete washout. APP is showing full of positivity because all four seats that APP had won in debut 2014 election were from Punjab.

Other parties are also preparing them self’s now, like in Congress we saw that Former Chief Minister Amrinder Singh is the fresh change bring as leader in the Panjab Congress by making him party chief to galvanise the Congress unit into a winning team in the elections.



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