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ISI used Facebook to extract info

New Delhi: The Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI) is targeting Indian ex-servicemen and its operatives area unit luring the defence veterans so as to urge classified data reciprocally for jobs and cash, aforesaid sources.

According to sources, investigation into the spying racket busted recently discovered that ISI’s plot is to faucet ex- IAF personnel for spying on military installations. The Inter-Services Intelligence operatives area unit conning veterans by feigning to be from a ex-servicemen association and seeking details regarding their postings, work force at their last posting and alternative relevant data, value-added sources.

The Home Ministry has already written to the Defence Ministry during this regard.

On Tuesday, former Indian Air Force personnel Ranjit was inactive for allegedly being a region of a spy ring travel by Inter-Services Intelligence. He had been discharged from the organisation on weekday. He was announce in Bathinda and was being monitored by the IAF for three-four months. He was caught red handed by Delhi Police giving out important data.

Ranjit, Who hails from Kerala and has been sent to four days in police custody on Tuesday, are going to be taken to IAF bases in Jaisalmer and Gwalior. He was allegedly sent photos of the 2 IAF bases to his handlers. Gwalior is that the biggest station of IAF fighter jets. He will be collectively interrogated by the IAF and Intelligence Bureau.



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