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Business Development Manager

Job description

As a new business hunter you are responsible for growing new logos within your territory. This strategic role requires you to have an in-depth understanding of Qubit’s technology stack as well excellent industry knowledge and ecommerce expertise. You will work closely with your market developer, product marketing manager and pre-sales support functions to deliver a seamless end-to-end sales process both directly and co-selling with partners. Your primary goal is growing new business revenue. Your “super power” is in managing multiple high velocity sales cycles while growing and maintaining your pipeline at all times.
Core Responsibilities

– Building territory account plans that focus efforts on target accounts with particular emphasis on their revenue generating technologies and solutions
– Working with market development to establish creative strategies to stimulate interest, get meetings and grow pipeline
– Find business pain through meetings and discovery calls with prospects
– Build and maintaining relationships with senior level clients through the sales process
– Negotiate and manage contract process
– Deliver seamless handovers to client teams for on-boarding
– Accurate forecasting and maintaining an up to date pipeline at all times

– Positive team player who inspires the team around them
– Embody Qubit’s voice it, own it, do it culture
– You share relevant thought leadership / industry info that helps the team succeed

Industry Experience
– You understand what drives your customers business and the how they are performing in their sector
– You can recall relevant industry customer success stories and how we have driven value for our clients
– You engage with relevant industry research and thought leadership and read trade press
– You have a good understanding of the ecommerce tech landscape and Qubit’s position within it
Sales Process
– You understand the customer buying process and know how to negotiate access to buying power
– You understand the Qubit sales process and know when to engage resources at various stages of your deal
– You know how to prioritise your time to achieve the best outcome through account planning and account qualification
– You understand how to forecast in line with the Qubit sales process
– You sell business value and results not features and functionality

– You negotiate for mutual success


Plenty of perks

As well as the opportunity to solve complex problems in this exciting new era of big data, here’s what we offer:

  • Realistic performance related bonuses
  • Generous equity options mean you’ll own a piece of the pie
  • Excellent health and dental insurance packages
  • A relaxed approach to time off and enough holidays to see several corners of the world
  • Fridge fully stocked with healthy snacks and the ultimate espresso machine for your java fix
  • A competitive office where we play foosball, football, scrabble, go-karting… you name it, we’ll play it
  • Thank Qubit it’s Friday – we have lots of creative ways to let off steam at the end of the week
  • Plenty of opportunities for training and development

Desired Skills and Experience

What We Are Looking For

  • By submitting your application you understand that Qubit will store your data in accordance with local laws
  • We want an individual who is never beaten to senior level wins, ties up business-to-business SAAS sales and nails high revenue targets working under crazy fast sales cycles.
  • You understand the digital market completely. You have an enviable background in selling to e-Commerce and retail. Convincing online marketers of the need for sophisticated internet tools is your home turf. Proven track record with significant experience selling complex products to e-Commerce businesses.
  • Open and a strong communicator. Building and maintaining senior level relationships comes naturally to you and your presentation style is flexible and approachable.
  • You’re always on the move and a pioneer. You don’t forecast the future but instead make reasoned judgements and look for improvements to keep things improving.
  • Qubit brings together a spectrum of people that understand balancing an impressive work ethic with kicking back with a glass of wine on a Friday. Our culture is at once individually driven and focused on strong co-operation.
  • Fluency in English, additional language beneficial.
  • Authorization to work in the UK.
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