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China exporting debt: IMF chief

Beijing: International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde said on Thursday Chinas Belt and Road activity is hinting at advance however cautioned of potential obligation dangers for accomplice nations engaged with joint ventures. One test is to guarantee that Belt and Road just ventures where it is required, and the second is to center around sound financial arrangements, Lagarde said in arranged remarks in a discourse at a Belt and Road gathering in Beijing on Thursday. President Xi Jinping Belt and Road Initiative, revealed in 2013, goes for building a…

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Kim Jong-UN, Xi Jinping depict solid ties after North Korean pioneer visit

BEIJING (AP) — with smile and firm handshakes, North Korea and China utilized an unexpected summit this week to demonstrate that notwithstanding late pressures, Pyongyang still has a capable benefactor and Beijing wont be sidelined in exchanges about the destiny of its capricious neighbor. North Korean pioneer Kim Jong Un undercover chats with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing — which were not affirmed until after his arrival home — show up went for enhancing the two nations situations in front of Kim’s expected gatherings with South Korean President Moon…

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Kim Jong Un Made a Surprise China Visit, Sources Say

Kim Jong Un influenced a shock to visit to Beijing on his initially known outing outside North Korea since taking force in 2011, three individuals with information of the visit said. Additionally points of interest of his trek, including to what extent Kim would stay and who he would meet, were not promptly accessible. The general population solicited not to be recognized in light of the fact that from the affectability of the data. Theory about a conceivable visit by a high-positioning North Korean authority circled around the Chinese capital…

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China’s Xi right hand man, loyal and ‘firefighter’ gets elected as vice president

Xi Jinping was re-elected China’s president today for a second term (2018-2023) with the unanimous vote of the National People’s Assembly (ANP, Legislative) , in a plenary session in which one of his main allies, the former anti-corruption chief Wang Qishan, ascended to the vice presidency . On a day of gray skies and late snow in Beijing, Xi , 64 , confirmed his power , comparable only to the past Chinese communist leaders who had the founder of the regime Mao Zedong , to obtain the vote in favor of the 2 thousand 970 legislators present, without abstentions or ballots against . The members of the ANP, who also unanimously voted for…

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