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The Always Dating Never Married Hearthrob – Salman Khan And His 10 Girlfriends

The Always Dating Never Married Hearthrob – Salman Khan And His 10 Girlfriends, Salman Khan is more often in the news for his single status than in appreciation of his movies. The media constantly wants to know whom and when he will marry and Salman comes back with witty answers such as “I’m a virgin” leaving the rest of the world flabbergasted. So here is a peek into the hearthrob who is forever dating and the story of his 16 girlfriends!!! Watch Now :

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Justin Bieber, 24, upheld his companion, Craig David, at the last’s show in Los Angeles on March 20, and it appears he may have had another exceptional lady close by. The 24-year- old hung out in the VIP area of the show, where he had his arm wrapped around the abdomen of a secret lady The lady was later observed landing back at Justin’s home with him, and seems to have spent the night! Curiously, Justin was spotted out with a puzzle blonde throughout the end of the week, as…

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10 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump That You must Know

Businessman, television personality, author, and now the Republican Party nominee for this year’s President of the United States, Donald Trump has managed to astound and astonish the world at large. He is also one of the richest people in the world and is listed in Forbes among the world’s wealthiest 500 billionaires. Watch Now : 

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