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Amit Shah Criminal Record, Biography, Lifestyle, Political Career & More

BJP leader leader and close aid of Narendra Modi, Amit Shah has received a notice from the Election Commission over his ‘vote for revenge’ speech made in Shamli which violated the poll code of conduct.\ Watch Now

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Thousands of Facebook ads bought by Russians to fool U.S. voters released by Congress

A significant number of the advertisements, put by Russians acting like Americans, didn support a particular competitor however spread incendiary messages on delicate subjects, for example, movement and race to enhance blame lines in American life, focusing on clients from particular foundations and tight races in key states, for example, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Virginia. These antagonistic interests incorporated a gathering called Fit Black, which asked individuals to go to Dark Fist Free Self-Defense Classes. Another from the Army of Jesus urged voters to pick a president with genuine ethics with…

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Donald Trump announces June 12 summit in Singapore with North Korean leader

US President Donald Trump announced Thursday that his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will occur June 12 in Singapore, the most significant step yet in his bid to rid the region of nuclear weapons. Trump made the announcement via Twitter just hours after welcoming home three Americans held captive for more than a year in North Korea. The highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will take place in Singapore on June 12th, Trump wrote in his tweet. We will both try to make it…

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