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Actor Kit Harington issues Message for Fans Following ‘Game of thrones’

Harington who plays Jon Snow on the HBO show “Games of thrones”, recorded a video with Entertainment Weekly and sat for an interview with the magazine to talk about his character. Harington talked about last night’s episode, and how he was asked by the show’s producers to keep up the lie and essentially perform off screen ever since Jon Snow was killed onscreen. The full article has yet to be released, but the exclusive was in the works long before last night’s stunning final scene, as the cover with Harington….

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How to be a Queen in your own life

Educate yourself, build on whatever skillset you want by reading books, articles, blogs etc. Become more familiar with your kingdom (Earth) by talking with new people. Exercise to be a Queen, one must take care of her castle (body). Dedicate anywhere from a few minutes, to a few hoers focusing on your body. Do calisthenics, stretch, strength train, meditate, dance or play your any favourite sport.

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