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Reason Behind the global stock markets in free-fall

Are you very much conscious of the interest rate hikes in the US? Many marketers like you are getting nervous because of the global stock market falls. If you are thinking that the marketers in the US must worry then you don’t know the current global stock market position! Not only in the US, but the stock markets Europe and Asia have also fallen off at the end of last week. This indicates that the global stock markets are in free-fall now! There are certain reasons because of which this…

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A historic day for India’s space programme. 125 crore Indians got a Navic.

ISRO: Indian Space Agency Launches 7th Satellite to finish Country’s global Positioning System The Indian Space Research Organisation deployed its final IRNSS-1G satellite Thursday to complete India’s first GPS network. Accuracy is anticipated to be 20 meters or better in the space, Moments after the successful launch, the Prime Minister congratulated and addressed the scientists at ISRO in Sriharikota, through video-conferencing He said Indian scientists have achieved a lot in space science, which has the capacity to transform the lives of the people. ““With this successful launch, we will determine…

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Freedom 251 will refund payments

Ringing Bells the overnight famous company who launched a world cheapest smartphone at just Rs. 251, reportedly refunding the payments which they accepted on the first day of pre-booking. Ringing Bells said that they had accepted the payments from the very first 30,000 orders, and after that their website got crashed. Ringing Bells MD Mohit Goel said that the company refunded the money of all first day 30,000 phones booking of customers and said that they will accept cash on delivery from them. After the very first 30,000 smarphone bookings…

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Big push for startups

PM Modi launched the scheme of “Start-Up India” to promote entrepreneurship in India. PM made big announcements under this scheme like it will ensure least interference from the government with attractive tax benefits. PM said as today we all are her in Startup India summit, so that you can tell us what we should not do. “There are many Ideas some leave the idea halfway while others take their idea ahead, and when idea become successful, everyone starts thinking about ways to start their own startups. People who have achieved…

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“Start-Up India” – A New Hope

By:  Satyam Vaeshishth Startup India is new hope for the small and medium entrepreneurs. They are looking forward for its successful implementation so that the small idea’s can start blooming. The government of India is putting all the effort to make it successful because govt knows that these small groups of entrepreneurs are going to help in our economy if they are in large number. Govt is trying best to provide all the possible leverages to the group. Addressing the opening session of ‘Start-up India’ event, finance minister Mr. Arun…

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