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Google fined $21.2M by India watchdog for unethical search biasing

Recently, the search engine giant Google has been fined $21.2 Million or 1.36bn rupees or £15.2m by India’s competition regulator. The reason behind this fine is for abusing its dominance in India. According to the reports, the users who have been searching flight details in this search engine were automatically directed to the flight search page that Google owns. This fact was recently discovered by the Competition Commission of India. This unethical search biasing is completely against the rules and regulations of the Indian laws. Because of this; many rivalry…

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Reason Behind the global stock markets in free-fall

Are you very much conscious of the interest rate hikes in the US? Many marketers like you are getting nervous because of the global stock market falls. If you are thinking that the marketers in the US must worry then you don’t know the current global stock market position! Not only in the US, but the stock markets Europe and Asia have also fallen off at the end of last week. This indicates that the global stock markets are in free-fall now! There are certain reasons because of which this…

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Follow three simple ways of using SEO effectively in 2018

In 2018, make up your mind for improving your campaigns through kick-starting the SEO. In this New Year, make resolutions to improve your website performance by effective SEO. Get SEO success for your website in 2018 by following the three simple ways: Audit your website: If you didn’t have enough time to review your website in the last year, you should do it now! You should start your New Year with a full-scale technical audit. You can go through a keyword roadmap and see the quality of your website content through…

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Budget 2018: While farmers & healthcare win, big names like Apple lose

Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley has designed a budget for helping the distressed farmers while boosting the overall growth, job vacancies, and private investment. In this recent budget 2018, India’s farming sectors and many agricultural focused businesses own the race of getting more profits. The farmers and villagers of India emerge as the biggest winners in the Budget of 2018. Do you know who the biggest losers are? Apple, Bond investors, defense sector, cryptocurrency exchanges and financial sector, cryptocurrency trades might just be the biggest losers of all. Watch Videos News –…

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US Women On Strike to Show Their Economic Blow

Numerous American ladies came out from home, joined arouses and wore red on Wednesday to exhibit that they are so indispensable to the US economy, as International Women’s Day was seen with a large number of occasions in the world. The Day without a Woman dissent in the US was assembled by coordinators of the boundless ladies’ walks that drew more than 1 million Americans the day after President Donald Trump’s introduction. The turnout in the city this time was considerably littler in many spots, with group frequently numbering in…

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